Learning to dive is very safe, however, you need to be comfortable in the water. Our entry level scuba course is affordable and requires a modest amount of training. The course normally runs five sessions — each session consisting of two hours in the classroom and two hours in the pool.

At the end of the course, there are a minimum of four required training dives conducted over the span of two days. These dives can either be conducted with Ocean Horizons Scuba or we can issue you a letter of referral so that you may complete your dives with any instructor in good standing worldwide.

Once you satisfactorily complete the training dives, you will receive an internationally recognized NAUI certification card, which will enable you to scuba dive anywhere.

Important Update

Sad to say all of our upcoming scuba courses will be on hold pending future developments in the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Future courses will be posted soon.

Refresher courses available upon request. Call 917-846-6713 or email for available dates for anyone wishing to do a refresher course.